Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stars On Ice

Some select images from Smucker's Stars On Ice at The Rose Garden on Sunday. Cool show, very jammy colors. These skaters are amazing athletes, from Olympic Medalists, to World Champions.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Portland Monthly Kitchen Ink

The last day in November I photographed an event for Portland Monthly Magazine that was both visually and gastronomically delicious. Seven of Portland's top chefs (and one bartender) gathered with eight tattoo artists at Infinity Tattoo to mix ink with cuisine. Throughout the day the tat artists laid down designs inspired by dishes the chefs would prepare that evening at Acadia Bistro. The imagery spanned a broad spectrum of beautiful tattoos, from an intricately designed Barramundi to a piece of French Toast expressing it's frustrations through colorful hand gestures. Before the ink was dry, the chefs, the artists, and myself headed over to Acadia for an evening of fine food, tasty drinks, and a lot of great conversation. Two of Portland's artistic communities getting together to celebrate each other, just because.

Chef Gabriel Rucker of Le Pigeon.

Chef/Owner John Gorham of Toro Bravo.

Tim Jordan of Optic Nerve Tattoo.

Amanda Meyers of Infinity Tattoo.

Paul Zenk of Infinity Tattoo.

Rich Cuellar of Infinity Tattoo doing a butcher knife on Chef John Gorham.

Tim Jordan doing a Barramundi on Chef John Eisenhart of Pazzo.

Chef Sarah Higgs of Acadia.

Tim finishes up the Barramundi on John.

A full house at Infinity Tattoo on NE Lombard.

Infinity owner Paul Zenk dips in for more color while doing Adam Higgs' tattoo.

Saad Sweilem of Pussycat Tattoo works on "Frenchy" on the leg of Chef Karl Zenk.

Chefs Tommy Habetz and John Gorham in the kitchen at Acadia.

Too many cooks in the kitchen? No way, these pros worked well together in a tight space.

Bone-in Pork Belly with the spare rib still attached, skin on. Wet cured in a brine with Allspice, Bay Leaves, and garlic for three days, smoked for four hours, then slow cooked for five hours, by Adam Higgs.

Elk Heart Pasties by Karl Zenk from the Heathman Hotel.

Smoked Trout Salad with Fried Marcona Almonds and topped with Fried Onions, by Tommy Habetz of Bunk Sandwiches.

Pan-fried Baramundi with Heritage Carrots and Carrot Vinaigrette, by John Eisenhart of Pazzo.

The wonderful meal was enjoyed "family style" around a huge communal table.

The Crew.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blowin' Bubbles

A few weeks ago I borrowed an underwater housing from my buddy Sol Neelman, with the intention of using it on a job where a camera needed to be mounted to the outside of a helicopter during heavy rains. Unfortunately the job never came to fruition. I don't get the opportunity to do underwater work very often and since I had the housing I felt the need to at least attempt to make some cool photos. Here's what Anna and I came up with in the Jaccuzzi last night...

Food Network Magazine

I did an assignment for Food Network Magazine yesterday. It was quick and simple, but national exposure nonetheless. All I can say is that they've found something special here in Portland. When the article comes out in a couple months I'll post pics and a tearsheet.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jax cut down by Mammoth

The Portland Lumberjax squared off against the Colorado Mammoth on Friday night at Rose Garden Arena in Portland. After a hard-fought game full of action and back-and-forth scoring the Mammoth took the win, 12-10.