Thursday, May 24, 2012

Roger Waters performs The Wall

 When I was about 12-years-old, I discovered a most amazing album that instantly changed how I experienced music. That album was The Wall, by Pink Floyd. Listening to music went from grooving to rhythmic and rhyming lyrics that had little substance, to being fully engrossed in the artists thoughts, visions, story, and experience. I don't know how many times, after having had a hard day or trying to cope with an emotional experience, I spun that album. Headphones on, taken away for a couple hours to listen, and work out my issues. And I know so many others that had a similar connection to The Wall, and Pink Floyd's music in general. The Wall was almost exclusively composed by Roger Waters, who is on tour now performing it start-to-finish as an elaborate stage show. I was fortunate enough to get credentialed to shoot the first six songs of the show, which was truly an honor given my own personal history with Waters' music. My good fortune continued as I got a last minute call from a friend who had a seat in a suite for me to enjoy the show from after I was done "working". Throughout the three hour show a roughly 30ft x 80ft wall was constructed and used as a backdrop for amazing visuals. At one point, local kid's from Sound Roots School of Modern Music (a school my own daughter has happily attended) got up and sang along side Waters. The show culminates with the completed Wall tumbling down onto the stage and nearly spilling out over the crowd. It was epic and impressive. As was every bit of the show. Without a doubt, the best live stage show I've ever seen. Catch it if you can.