Friday, June 19, 2009


Portland is a huge coffee market. Huge. Even Mickey D's has been throwing money around here, albeit with little success. Fortunately, every Portland neighborhood has it's favorite house, and if you live on the west side of the Pearl, your new best stop for local microroast is two-time NW Barista champ Billy Willson's latest endeavor, Barista. Billy's new place up on the docks of NW 13th is the epitome of a good Portland coffee shop; friendly, knowledgeable baristas, a good (but not overwhelming) selection of drinks, and a fast moving line. The menu includes roasts from local (and personal) favorite, Stumptown, as well as Ecco Caffé, Verve, and Intelligentsia. If your looking for something special, and unique, try a cup of vacuum brew, Barista is the only house in town serving it.

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  1. Nice! Did you write the copy too? I can't wait to check Barista out!