Thursday, January 21, 2010

Slappy Cakes

Bring a book or pick up a newspaper on your way to Sunday breakfast at Slappy Cakes, 'cause you're probably gonna have to wait for a table. But what interesting tables they are, and well worth the wait. Each of the dining tables at Slappy Cakes, located at 43rd & Belmont in the old Belmont Garage building, has a pancake griddle built right into it. The batter (buttermilk, pumpkin, or whole-grain) comes in squeeze bottles, allowing the diner to make whimsical cakes in any shape or size they can imagine. Accompaniments such as bananas, nuts, berries, chocolate chips, and even crispy bacon bits, gives way to unlimited combinations of unique flap jacks. Slappy Cakes also has the standard breakfast offerings; eggs any style, hash browns, benedict, etc., but if you want to nurture the pancake artist within, grab a squeeze bottle and go to town.

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