Friday, February 12, 2010

Elton John and Billy Joel

In 2006 I photographed Elton John on stage at Rose Garden arena in Portland. It was on of my first shoots at a big concert, and certainly the highest profile artist I'd ever shot. It was a total thrill, and I've since gone on to shoot many shows and artists of the same caliber. In 2008 I was scheduled to shoot Billy Joel on stage. Something came up last minute that had me out of town the night of the show, needless to say, I was disappointed. Wednesday night, my absence at the Joel concert was vindicated when I was credentialed to shoot the Elton John and Billy Joel "Face to Face" performance at The Garden. The two legends sat at pianos, opposite each other, and belted out classics that had the sold-out crowd on their feet for most of the time I was stage-front. While the lighting was relatively colorless compared to my first Elton John show, the music took center stage and stole the show. It's always a pleasure to be in close presence of such talents, just another reason why I truly love what I do, it often humbles me.

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