Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Michael Bublé

Every concert is different. Different styles of music, different stage lighting, different shooting positions. All of that factors in to how I make photos of the performance. Usually none is too big of a challenge, usually. On this shoot however, one nuisance did pop up that distracted me a bit. For this show, as with most shows, I had the first three songs to get my job done. Around the middle of song two, all of a sudden, some dude starts barking in my ear to sit down. He'd gotten up out of his seat a few rows behind me (I was at row 15) to come and tell me that he couldn't see the show from his very expensive seat because I was in his way (notice in the first photo that most everyone was sitting in their seats, rather than standing). I told him who I was, what I was doing, how long I'd be there, and that this is the spot that Bublé's people had assigned me to. That didn't appease him, as he kept hassling me, so I did my best to ignore him. He continued. That's when the security guard positioned next to me got up and escorted him back to his very expensive seat. For pete's sake... stand for a couple songs dude, it's a concert!

Other than that, it was a great shoot. It was the second time I've shot Bublé, who is a fantastic performer. He belts out those amazing croons and skiddybobs about the stage like a true pro, taking time to interact with the crowd here and there. Great stage lighting too, makes my job easy. He even had some pyrotechnics to start the show off right. Just wish his fans were a little less high-maintenance.


  1. Great, great shots, Chris! I'm a freelance photographer myself, who was just a low maintenance fan in about the 15th row of the Cincinnati show. I wish they would have let me bring in my good equipment! Great perspective on that first shot. Love them all!