Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lady Gaga concert in Portland

Odd restrictions on this one... Showed up at showtime, as is normal, but had to wait an hour or so before being escorted into position, which was soundboard, terrible static angle. Thanks to seasoned photojournalist Thomas Boyd for having some extra glass!! Further restrictions were explained to us as we were all herded in through the backstage area..."don't shoot the crowd, especially during the moments as we're walking in. If your lens swings towards the crowd, you'll be tapped out. And don't make me run, I hate to run... You've got two songs. When you're done, we'll walk you out. And oh yeah... you must surrender your credential before we get to the back door, other photogs have tried to re-enter after leaving." Dude... Really? Walk me out to my car already, that Gaga credential on my 'Wall 'O Fame' is gonna get me sooo far, really dude.

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  1. So when you shoot these concerts are they paid gigs? How do you get in the pit? Thanks!