Monday, April 27, 2009

EaT Oyster Bar

Super-fresh Raw Oysters and Grower's Champagne... My new favorite Sunday Brunch! I never really considered myself a raw oyster fan, I'd eat one every now and again, mostly just to prove to someone that I could down one, but certainly not on a regular basis. Ethan and Tobias are oystermen, purists, and they've changed my perspective on the creatures. Fresh is key. Their stock comes straight from growers, often times shipped overnight from far away shores. EaT maintains a wonderful selection, including varieties such as Olympia, Chelsea Gems, Kumomoto, Shigoku, Yaquina Bay, and Hama Hama. While shooting images for a review of EaT in Willamette Week, as often happens, I was offered a sample. I accepted, just to be cool, and was blown away by the delicate flavor and tender, silky texture. Another big squeeze of lemon juice and a couple drops of hot sauce and I was on to my next. The guys started shucking out different varieties for me to sample and by the time I'd left I'd had a dozen or more, and loved them all. EaT is a Louisiana style oyster with a wide selection of house made creole dishes such as Gumbo, Jambalaya, Po-boy sandwiches, and of course oysters, raw, fried, and baked. They also carry a very nice selection of French Growers Champagne, not to mention the Absinthe fountain and keg-erators. The joint has a nice live vibe. Busy and loud, in comforting sort of way, like an oyster bar should be.

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