Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dynamic Lighting Diagram

Katie and I had some free time in the studio yesterday, so we decided to make some portraits of each other. Below is a diagram to the setup.

Jet Black background, 4 AB1600 heads, 1 Speedlite, 1 white reflector. The two rim lights in the rear are on stands a couple feet above the subject, each have 7" reflectors with grids. The Speedlite behind the subject is clamped to a background stand and pointed down as a hair light, it also had a grid. The other head behind the subject has a 7" reflector with an orange gel, and is pointed at the background. The main light has a 22" beauty dish reflector, and is slightly above the subject. Finally, there's a 42" white reflector down low that's bouncing a little fill light back up to the subject.

I've always appreciated when other photogs share the technical elements of a cool photo, so I thought I'd do a little of the same. Enjoy!