Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I'm always really stoked to shoot a concert when I know I'm shooting from the pit, which is what I was told the situation would be for Nickelback. Their stage had a thrust with a circular area at the end. My location was at the end of the thrust, and I could move from side to side. Awesome spot, with lot's of potential to work the stage and make unique photos. I was escorted to my position, tested my gear and lens reach, paced off the space so I'd know where everything was when the lights went down, then waited for the band to take the stage. All of a sudden things went from quite and dark, to explosive and chaotic, so I started shooting. Great shots to be had throughout my three allotted song, but they never came out to the end of the thrust. I was disappointed not to get the close-up shots that I wanted, but I think I still came up with some good stuff. Plus, for this show I had tickets in a suite. So I checked my cameras with security, and went to my suite to enjoy a killer rock show with my friends.

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