Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Keegan Smith and The Fam

Keegan Smith and his crew (aka The Fam) are an 8-member band pumping out an eclectic fusion of Jazz, Funk, R&B, and Reggae melodies with a sprinkling of lyricly driven Hip-Hop to keep the crowd bouncin'. During most shows the band is also accompanied by a small horn section and a special guest or two, giving them an even bigger sound. Driving the bus is Keegan Smith, who's passion for performing and genuine connection with his audience is obvious. In early May they played the Bagdag Theater in Portland to a sold-out crowd in celebration of their fifth album release, Special Delivery. A few days after the show we did a portrait session. All as part of a new press kit promoting the release of the new album.


  1. Nice work muchacho!
    I love Keegan (the FAm too!) and these are just the coolest pics I have ever seen of them.
    Your talent has just gotten bigger and bigger since I met you at that weird focus group thingy that day.....!

  2. Again, great shots Chris! Thanks a lot for the work you did for us!
    ~Chris Chard