Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Market Watch

Portland is chock full of cool produce and specialty markets. From the bustling Farmers Market at the PSU campus, to aromatic and colorful ethnic markets dotted throughout the city. Here's some photos I made recently for a guide detailing these local markets.

Cherry Sprout Produce Market on North Sumner. Great selection of local, organic produce. And a killer bin of employee selected CDs by local musicians.

Fiji Emporium on North Interstate. This small market smells of Garam Masala and Nag Champa. Huge burlap sacks of rice varieties are stacked on a palet in a back room, surrounded by endless shelves of jarred spices and pastes. A deep freezer up front is packed full with New Zealand Lamb Shanks and Chops. They even stock several brands of Rose Water.

Lily Market on Northeast Halsey. If it can be found in Asia, chances are it can be found at Lily Market too. Isles upon isles of specialty ingredients and colorful (and often comical) pre-packaged foods and treats. Five pound bags of Pad Thai noodles? Got 'em! Not to mention the great hot food deli, which includes several versions of Pad Thai. And the always hard-to-find Gummy Grub Worms, or tennis-bal-sized Gummy Soccor Balls.

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