Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nice To Be Appreciated

It seems I've drawn some attention recently, for one reason or another. Back in December of '08 I was contracted by Playboy Magazine to do a portrait session with author Chuck Palahniuk for the Interview column in their May issue (I'll make a more detailed post about that later). When the issue finally hit the stands in late April, Phil Wright, a reporter from my hometown newspaper picked up on the story. He rang me up for a Q&A and the interview was published on the front page of the East Oregonian on Tuesday, April 29th, '09. I must say... that was pretty cool. Unfortunately, their online archives only stick around for seven days, beyond that a subscription must be purchased. A valid business decision for any print publication looking to ride out the current storm. Again, I'll post more on the Playboy shoot later, pics included.

Next, is a really cool online photo mag called Fotoritim. They contacted me in March asking if they could do a profile piece on me focusing on my Sports, Action, and Lifestyle photography. The reporter, Hülya Yeltepe, gave me some background about the publication as having an international following, designed and published in Turkey. Turkey? Chris Ryan? Anyone else asking these questions? Well, since a freelance photog loves free PR I didn't ask many questions beyond that. I trusted my instincts, and the vibes I was getting from the interviewer, and went ahead with the profile. Scroll down about half way and you'll find an English translation of the interview. I think it came out well, I think. I'd love to translate the comments. Any help from my Turkish affiliates would be most appreciated.

Part of what I do as a freelance photographer is to make sure other people know what I do, and ideally, what I do well. Free press doesn't just happen, you have to make it happen. Directly, or indirectly, you have to make it happen. Whether it's through your work, or the work you do when your not "working", PR is part of the puzzle.

Here's my cooky pic that ran with both articles.

Photo by Craig Mitchelldyer

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